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Student clubs and organizations


The department is responsible for equipping UPM students in many aspects, whether (intellectual, cultural, artistic, social or physical) in order to develop students' capacities and open new horizons for knowledge and creativity. Additionally, it contributes to building a generation that is compatible with the needs of the labor market, according to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's vision 2030.


To enable students to contribute in the development of social, cultural, intellectual, uncommon sports and health services activities that stimulate learning and creativity skills.


  • Providing support services and looking for appropriate ways to activate student systematic and non-systematic activities.
  • Announcing and publishing the calendar of events.
  • Enabling students to hold events and supporting proposed ideas.
  • Coordinating the provision of halls and facilities for events.

Student clubs

  • Self-entertainment by practicing activities outside the educational framework.
  • The Noble Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah Club.
  • Architectural Club.
  • Cyber Security Club.
  • Theater and Arts Club.
  • Software Engineering Club.
  • Leisure Club.
  • Google Club.
  • Culinary Club.
  • Artificial Intelligence Club.
  • Electrical Engineering Club.
  • Media Club.
  • Elite Club for Organizing Events.
  • Amiens Club.
  • Hospitality Club.
  • Mathematics Club.
  • Heritage Club.
  • Ghiras Volunteer Club.
  • Business Club.
  • Civil Engineering Club.
  • Happiness Club.

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