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Overview of the Department of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

UPM capabilities in research stems from its distinguished faculty and research-related infrastructure. PhD holders representing different scientific specializations mainly related to engineering, business and tourism, and computer & cyber sciences represent the driving force behind research activities. Research support in the form of organized workshops, mentoring students for research in graduation projects, and support in writing proposals is provided by the Department of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies (DSRGS). Currently, UPM offers only undergraduate studies. However, several postgraduate programs are under evaluation and study. UPM keeps track of research production through departments within different colleges under direct supervision of the DSRGS. Current state of research at UPM is viewed in terms of faculty involved in research, labs and facilities, national and international collaboration, and involvement of students in research.

​Research and Innovation Plan

Research Centers


The Dr. Hussein El-Sayyed Center for Scientific Research


The Green Environment Research Center


EON Labs (coming soon)

Research Themes



​UPM Research InitiativeS (RIS) Program 

​University of Prince Mugrin (UPM) strives to improve its research and innovation performance by motivating faculty and students to engage in high quality research and innovation project opportunities. In response to this need, a research empowerment initiative by the Department of Scientific Research & Graduate Studies (DSRGS) was established to motivate and support such efforts through its Research InitiativeS (RIS) program. This internal research project funding program is a key supporter of the DSRGS and UPM missions and is expected to impact relevant key-performance indicators (KPIs) in the medium to long term. Annual reporting, evaluation and planning is used as a strategy for continuous improvement and quality purposes throughout the implementation of the RIS program. 

Latest Researchs

 Dr. Rahman, Md Abdur and Syed M. Belal


Policies and Procedures

Regulations and Procedures for Research Centers
Internal Grant Proposal Assessment Policy
Research Project Management Policy
External Funding Policy
Student Academic Integrity Procedures and Acknowledgement Form
Annual Research Excellence Awards Criteria
Research Ethics Policy
Research Incentives Form
Research InitiativeS (RIS) Policy and Manual
Faculty Appointment and Promotion
Research Ethics Policy
Commercialization Policy


UPM Professional Services Initiatives 
​Equipment/Facilities Request Form
​Research Ethics Acknowledgement Form
Library E-Resources Database (Faculty/Staff and Students)
Visiting Professor Request (soon)
Workshops and Trainings Form (soon)

Scientific Journals

​ISI Journal Rankings
​SCOPUS  Jounal Rankings
​Extended Web of Science 

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