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Partnership Guide & Policy


UPM is striving to enhance cooperation with various entities and institutions, whether within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or internationally. The university adopts a clear methodology for evaluating these partnerships and measuring their effectiveness, and this methodology consists of several important steps.

Firstly, clear and precise objectives of the partnership are identified, aligning with the university's strategic vision and goals.
Secondly, a well-defined action plan is developed for partnership implementation, including specifying tasks and responsibilities for each party, as well as identifying required resources and a timeline for executing various activities.
Thirdly, partnership performance is regularly evaluated using a set of predefined indicators and criteria to measure the achievement of specified objectives and the effectiveness of allocated partnership resources.
Fourthly, based on evaluation results, necessary actions are taken to enhance and improve partnership performance, whether through adjusting plans and objectives, better resource allocation, or expanding collaboration scope with partners.

In this manner, UPM ensures the sustainability and success of the partnerships it establishes, achieving desired benefits for all stakeholders involved.

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We at UPM believe in the importance of building partnerships and collaborating with various sectors to promote leadership and excellence in education, scientific research, and community service.

If you manage an organization or company that shares our vision and values, and seeks to contribute to the development of society and support education and scientific research, we invite you to join us as a partner. The university provides a conducive and supportive environment for partnerships, where partners can benefit from the experiences and resources offered by the university, in addition to opportunities for interaction with our students, faculty members, and researchers.

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