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Career and Professional Development Center

Our Vision

Building a pivotal bridge between academic excellence and career readiness

Our Mission

Facilitating the transition of university graduates into the competitive labor market by employing effective partnerships and providing them with the elements of success that make them the preferred choice in competitive job sectors. To ensure this, the Center supports students from an early career and life stage through career guidance services, job counselling, future career planning, experiential learning, career connections and direct access to opportunities that support career readiness.

Career Service Management Portal

Center Goals

  • Instilling a culture of career readiness among students and encouraging them to achieve their career goals
  • Create events and activities and involve specialists and academic departments according to the university’s academic fields
  • Disseminating information relevant to future professional requirements and labor market trends
  • Providing career counseling services that help students plan their professional future
  • Providing students with training opportunities about future life skills
  • Opening channels of career opportunities for students through strategic partnerships and developing relationships with employers

Center Units

Students who are unable to achieve the required English Language Placement score must enroll in the Preparatory Year Program. Students who achieved the required passing marks can study in their chosen academic discipline.

Cooperating with the government and private sectors to organize mutual visits between companies and colleges, and provide opportunities for professors to learn about the industrial fields in their specializations.

Providing analyzes and reports on career opportunities and labor market trends.

Providing a “career map” that includes programs and courses dedicated to each specialty, and providing tools that help students determine their career paths.

Conducting workshops focusing on developing life skills, writing a CV, and preparing for personal interviews.

Target audience

  • Registered students
  • Students are about to graduate
  • Alumni
  • Employers
  • Faculty members and academic departments

Center Program

career craft

A focused initiative aimed at enabling students to explore their skills and unleash their full potential through a comprehensive series of educational workshops, the program provides the necessary career guidance to students of Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz University, enhancing their readiness for the labor market and forming a bridge between academic education and practical application.

future ready

A transformative program focused on paving the way for students and individuals to achieve their future career goals. The program provides the necessary support and guidance to ensure they make informed and informed decisions in their career path.

Upm connect

The program focuses on strengthening links between the university, its graduates, and employers, forming a bridge that enhances professional growth and provides mutual opportunities for communication and collaboration.

Creative Consultants

A program that aims to integrate students into the labor market environment from their early educational stages, through simulating consulting processes that enhance their practical awareness within an innovative scientific methodological framework.

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