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Sheikh Ibrahim Jalidan Award for Ideal Leader

Sheikh Ibrahim Jalidan Award for Ideal Leader

The Sheikh Ibrahim Juleidan Award for Ideal Leadership was launched in the third session of the University's Excellence Awards in 2020, and has passed through two previous sessions since its inception, and is awarded to the university's vice deans, heads of administrative departments and CEOs of the university's subsidiaries, and the award aims to honor leaders who are characterized by effective and exemplary leadership and pioneering achievements in their fields.

Award Committee

Mr. Qais Ibrahim Jalidan

General supervisor of the award

Dr. Bander Hajjar

General supervisor of the award

Vice Rector for Excutive affairs


Eng. Muhammad Y. Saif

Member & General Secretary

Vice Rector Academic Affairs


Vice Rector Business Development


About the Award

In accordance with the great concern of the Founder of UPM and Chairman of the Honorary Board His Royal Highness Prince Muqrin Bin AbdulAziz, may Allah protect and preserve him, for the delivery of quality and excellence in all of the university's affairs, the university has established the "Professor Ibrahim Jalidan Award for Ideal Leadership" in recognition of the outstanding social contributions made by Professor Ibrahim Abdul Fattah Jalidan. The award is named after him to honor his legacy and is dedicated to acknowledging the efforts of leaders who have achieved significant accomplishments in creativity, quality, and leadership excellence within the University. The University's Vice Presidents, Deans, Heads of Administrative Departments, and Executive Heads of University-affiliated companies nominate and select leaders for the award. The award aims to honor leaders who demonstrate effective and exemplary leadership and pioneering achievements in their fields. The "Advisory Committee for Selecting the Ideal Leader" is responsible for selecting the award's winners based on an institutionalized process that relies on objective criteria that take into account all the necessary leadership, scientific, and administrative qualifications. The award supports planning practices at the University and sustainable long-term performance by emphasizing quality and encouraging the development of mental and behavioral structures.

Award Categories

First Category:
University Rectors and Deans
- Maximum of two awards annually

Second Category: Academic Department Managers, Administrative Departments, and Executive Heads of University Affiliated Companies
- One award annually

Award Criteria

The Ideal Leader Award is distinuished by strict and transparent selection criteria. Winners are evaluated according to several standards, including:

1. Achievement of Strategic Objectives
This includes achieving projects aimed at meeting the university's strategic objectives:

o Innovation: Achieving projects that are innovative and creative and that help achieve the university's strategic objectives.
o Quality: Achieving projects that are characterized by quality and that achieve tangible and positive results according to quality standards and institutional and academic criteria.
o Impact: Achieving projects that have a tangible positive impact on society and the environment and that align with the university's values.
o Sustainability: Achieving projects that are sustainable, enhance university resources, preserve resources, and achieve sustainable development for the university.

Award Conditions

- Compliance with the nomination criteria for candidates.
- The candidate must have a record of achievements and effective leadership in their field of work.
- The candidate must have received the previous award at least two years ago if they have previously received it.

Filtration mechanism

Candidates can be nominated for the award by the award-giving organization, their direct supervisors, or candidates can apply themselves. In all cases, the candidates are presented to a selection committee that determines the suitable candidates for the award. The committee verifies the conditions and requirements specific to the award and its application process through the university's website or the award-giving organization's website.


Selection Tools:

1. Achievement file submitted by the candidates.
2. Selection Committee: A joint committee consisting of experts from within the university and the owning entity of the award. External experts in various fields can also be consulted to evaluate the candidates and determine the winners.
3. Selection forms based on the specified conditions and criteria.

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