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We aim to provide the best learning environment for our students while staying in line with our Islamic values ​​and respecting our culture and society. We provide innovative ways to teach well-established disciplines. We encourage the introduction of new programs that offer unique educational opportunities and extracurricular activities as part of our development and quality education


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Affiliated PennState University

International Hospitality Management Program with Swiss EHL University

As a result of the success of the International Hospitality Management program with the Swiss EHL University. His Excellency the President of the University of Prince Mugrin has stated:"We are proud of the partnerships that will advance the future of hospitality in the Kingdom within Vision 2030"

Affiliated PennState University

Red Sea Global Company Program

The Red Sea Global (RSG), in partnership with the University of Prince Mugrin (UPM) and the Hospitality Business School (EHL), is offering scholarships for high school graduates to study bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management. The Red Sea Global and its partners seek to provide job opportunities to suitably qualified graduates


UPM capabilities in research stems from its distinguished faculty and research-related infrastructure. PhD holders representing different scientific specializations mainly related to engineering, business and tourism, and computer & cyber sciences represent the driving force behind research activities. Research support in the form of organized workshops, mentoring students for research in graduation projects, and support in writing proposals is provided by the Department of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies (DSRGS). Currently, UPM offers only undergraduate studies. However, several postgraduate programs are under evaluation and study




Empowering the future of our students by educating them with the labour market skills

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