Transfer students play a pivotal role on campus, where they bring unique perspectives from their university studies as well as a diversity of backgrounds, geographic origins and personal experiences.

If you have completed one term as a full-time student in a degree-seeking program at another college or university, you must apply to the University of Prince Mugrin as a transfer student.

Transfer applicants to UPM, apply into our undergraduate level that includes all of our majors, minors, and programs of study. The transfer requirements below are those required for all transfer applicants, including international applicants.

Transfer Requirements:

Graduation from secondary school is a prerequisite, although a high school equivalency may be accepted. After getting your Secondary school certificate then you are welcomed to apply, Applicant must have the following:

  • Must have a secondary school certificate (or equivalent) from inside or outside kingdom with minimum passing grade 80%.
  • Should be a recently graduated from high school (Less than 5 years since graduation).
  • Must score not less than 65 % in the aptitude test (Qudrat), administrated by the national center of Assessment(Qiyas).
  • Must score not less than 60 % in the achievement test.
  • Original IELTS required test score or equivalent (if available).

Transfer students should be studied at one of the accredited universities, locally or internationally, and he/she should prove this by submitting official stamped sealed transcript, with official course syllabus and course full description.

Application Deadlines

Admission gate opens usually at mid of June, after secondary schools results being announced and it keeps open till the beginning of the first semester of the year.

Dates: 2017/06/15 till 2017/09/10.

Transfer Credit:

Credits are typically eligible for transfer if they are received from an accredited institution and are in a subject area that falls within the scope of the university. The total allowed for all transfer of credit may not exceed 40% of the required credit hours for the requested program.

For your course work to be considered transferable to the University of Prince Mugrin, it must meet the following criteria:

  • You have completed course work at an accredited college or university.
  • The work that you have completed at your previous/current institution(s) is of similar rigor and content to the course offerings available at UPM.
  • You have earned a grade of C or better while completing it.
  • Courses that maybe transferred should have the same number of credit hours at UPM.

Visiting Students:

If you are a full-time student at another university but would like to take advantage of University of Prince Mugrin faculty members and course offerings, we welcome your application to visiting student. As a visiting student, you will not be a degree candidate at University of Prince Mugrin, but credit earned here could be transferable to your home institution.

University Prince Mugrin’s visiting students are fully qualified for regular admission to the university, and candidates are held to the same admission standards to which other applicants are subject.