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Office of the University Registrar:

The Office of the Registrar, an administrative service center for the University of Prince Mugrin community, takes an active role in assisting students and faculty with registration and advising by providing the tools needed to review academic progress, create class schedules and successfully register for classes. The Office of the Registrar supports teaching and learning at the University of Prince Mugrin by maintaining the integrity of academic policies and the student information system. We are the perpetual stewards of our students’ records from application to degree conferral. Specialized services include, but are not limited to:

  • Prompt transcript distribution
  • Degree evaluation and certification
  • Enrollment and degree verification
  • Classroom scheduling
  • Withdrawal processing
  • Enrollment reporting
  • the coordination of course and classroom
  • Registration
  • The maintenance of students’ permanent academic records
  • The administration and application of academic policies; and,
  • Information management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Final exams scheduling


Academic Calendar 

For purposes of classroom instruction, the Academic Calendar consists of two semesters and a Summer session. Fall semester extends from early September through the first week of January. Spring semester extends from early February through mid-May. Summer session consists of four or eight-week intensive courses and extends from early July to end August. All dates are approximate and are adjusted annually to begin and end on appropriate weekdays. Each semester may include scheduled holidays. The academic calendar for this year is showing below.

Academic Calendar 1439/1440H (2018-2019): Spring Semester

Academic Calendar 1439/1440H (2018-2019): Summer Semester



The Office of the Registrar provides students and faculty with the tools necessary to successfully create and register for classes through our portal www.sis.upm.edu.sa


Programs and scientific disciplines at
the University of Prince Mugrin


Preparatory Year

A foundation year program that endeavors to nurture and develop students to be firm in various sciences, experiences and skills that will prepare them to interact successfully in a knowledge-based society and develop the necessary capacities for life-long learning. The Preparatory Year Program provides students with an opportunity to enhance their ability to think critically and develop their skills in English language, mathematics and computer science, providing them with a knowledge base that is transferable across different academic disciplines and vocational contexts.

Undergraduate Degrees


College of Engineering

The College of Engineering provides students with an opportunity to develop a strong background in the engineering sciences and to learn the analysis, design and synthesis tools necessary to function well as active participants in many traditional, new and emerging areas of technology. The College of Engineering has excellent laboratory facilities where students receive hands-on instruction by faculty. Computer-aided design (CAD) facilities, including state-of-the-art workstations, which are routinely used in all programs. The engineering education incorporates demonstrable accreditation criteria as part of its core values. Graduates from the College of Engineering should have excellent opportunities for employment and will have the necessary skills to aid in the development of the national economy and society as a whole.

The College of Engineering offers undergraduate degree
programs in the following disciplines

College of Computer Science & Information Technology

The College of Computer and Cyber Sciences (C3S) aims to provide quality education and professional experiences to empower students in the computing disciplines to attain their professional and academic goals. We provide students with modern curriculum, tools and technology to complete their degrees and to be competitive in the labor market. We empower students to achieve their goals by establishing and maintaining relationships with faculty, universities and industry. As increasingly complex systems evolve, the world will depend upon people who understand how these systems work, as well as those who can continue to develop new software and applications. C3S students at UPM use creativity and computational approaches to complete unique hands-on student-led projects and gain real-world experience. The College of Computer and Cyber Sciences is keen to fulfill the demands of the labor market and in doing so UPM is the first University in KSA and the Gulf region to offer an undergraduate degree program in Cyber Security and Forensic Computing .

The College of Computer and Cyber Sciences offers
undergraduate degrees in the following disciplines

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration was established to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing economic and business landscape. The College of Business Administration offers high-quality academic programs designed to give students a competitive advantage in the world of business both now and in the future. As such, the college will establish partnerships with some of the nation’s most innovative leaders to model new best practices that harness evolving technology and ensure students are well prepared to enter the market place.

The College of Business Administration offers undergraduate
degree programs in the following disciplines



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You can see your grade through www.sis.upm.edu.sa



You can order your transcript via email: registrar@upm.edu.sa or visiting Office of University Registrar







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