Financial Aids

University of Prince Mugrin is providing partial and full scholarships, to those distinguished students under certain kind of criteria’s and conditions.

Scholarships Types

  • 1. University of Prince Mugrin Scholarships program.

    This program is directed to recruit talented students and to give them the chance to complete their studies in a supportive competitive environment.

    The program providing different type of scholarships, like:

    • A. Full scholarships

      These scholarships are given to students who are really distinguished and scored high scores at the high school, aptitude and achievement exams, UPM specified 30 full scholarships, for the year 2017/2018, to those students who scores at least 95 as weighted percentage.

      All the applications for these scholarships will be evaluated and it will be granted directly ti those who apply the required scorers in the weighted percentage, which is being calculated as the following:

      • 40% GPA in secondary school
      • 30% General Aptitude
      • 30% Achievement test
      • B. Partial Scholarships

        UPM believes that not all students have the same abilities and they will not able to score the scores required for the full scholarships, and they may have the chance to bright and to prove them self’s, so the partial scholarships are granted for those students who score the following scores, with a deferent percentage of scholarships based on their weighted scores and based on the following table:

          Weighted Score Fees Before Scholarship Fees after Scholarship
        1. 95 or More 33,000 per semester Students doesn’t pay any tuition fees
        2. 75 or More 33,000 per semester 16,500 per regular semster
        3. Less than 75 33,000 per semester 19,800 per regular semester

        All these scholarships are granted for up to 5 years, the regular period of study, with the necessity of having a minimum GPA of 2.00 out for 4 in every semester.


Rules & Conditions

The Scholarship Program is subject to the approved scholarship regulations of Albayan Foundation for Education and to the University of Prince Mugrin Policies, which are as below

  • Adherence to Islamic ethics and virtuous ethics throughout the period of study at the University of Prince Muqrin, whether on campus or outside.
  • To comply fully with the laws, regulations and decisions in force at the University and not to violate the norms and values prevailing therein.
  • Participation in activities effectively organized by the University.
  • Achieve a cumulative average of at least 2.00 of 4.00 points per semester, therefore to maintain the scholarship.
  • Registration of the minimum number of school hours in the restricted program (12 hours) per semester.
  • Do not exceed the total period officially defined for completion of the study.
  • Non-discontinuance of study or dismissal from university due to negligence, absenteeism, misconduct or failure to observe the regulations or laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Apply for Scholarships

To apply for University of Prince Mugrin scholarships program, kindly visit the admission office at University of Prince Mugrin, taking in consideration that once you admitted to the university and you meet the scholarship requirement, then you will be able to benefit from the program.

If you need any further details about the scholarships, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Male Campus

Mr. Sharif Jhmani
Phone: 014 831 8484 Ext 1100

Female Campus

Ms. Bayan Abu Onq
Phone: 014 8654 563 Ext 3044