About Financial Department:

Finance department include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling its universities finances.

Our Team:

Male Campus
Mr. Najm Mohammed

Phone: 014-8490707 Ext. 1009


Female Campus
Ms. Bayan Abu Onq

Phone:014-8490707Ext. 3044

E-mail: b.abuonq@upm.edu.sa

Payment of Tuition and fees

Application Fees:

1.Application Fees are charged at a cost of (500. SAR) for all Majors. This fee is non-refundable and contributes towards:

  • Issuing the file.
  • Getting the university ID.
  • Equivalence of courses (for students transferred from other universities).
  • Acceptance letter.
  • Issuing a university card (one time only).

2. Placement Test Fees (English, Math, Computer) (300. SAR) Non-Refundable.
3.Late Registration Fees (1000.SAR) (The late registration date will be determined by the registration office later).

Tuition Fees:

Colleges Summer Semester
Preparation Year As per the student's major -------
College of Engineering 66,000 Annual Fees 16,500
College of Business Administration 60,000 Annual Fees 15,000
College of Computer and Cyber Sciences 60,000 Annual Fees 15,000

UPM is providing full and partial scholarships to know more...

Methods of Payments:

  • Electronic Payment (Mada).
  • Certified check cashed to the University of Prince Mugrin.
  • A bank deposit for the account of the University of Prince Mugrin.
  • Bank transfer to the account of the University of Prince Mugrin, the information required for bank transfer:
    • Account No. (0104597999001)
    • IBAN No.(SA2860000000104597999001)

Withdrawals and Refunds Policies

Tuition Fees Refund
First & Second Semesters
Withdrawing before the first day of classes Refund 95%
Withdrawing during the first week of  classes Refund 80%
Withdrawing during the second week of  classes Refund 65%
Withdrawing during the third week of  classes Refund 50%
Withdrawing during the fourth week of  classes Refund 25%
Withdrawing after the fourth week of  classes No Refund
Summer Semester
Withdrawing before the first day of classes Refund 95%
Withdrawing during the first four days of classes Refund 80%
Withdrawing during the fifth day of  classes Refund 65%
Withdrawing during the sixth week of  classes Refund 50%
Withdrawing during the seventh day of  classes Refund 25%
Withdrawing after the seventh day of  classes No Refund

Policies and Important Notes

  • Students tuition fees are charged per the major of the student.
  • Full tuition fees are paid in two instalments before registering for the courses. One installment is paid before the beginning of the first semester and the other instalment is paid before the beginning of the second semester. However, these are the maximum number of instalments allowed according to the university financial rules and regulations.
  • UPM has the right to stop providing its services (such as registering for courses, accessing the SIS and getting the course schedule) from students who did not pay the full tuition fees or those who did not abide by the financial payment plan.
  • The student is considered officially registered for the courses only if he/she is committed to all financial obligations agreed upon with the financial department.
  • Students who are granted (UPM Scholarships) must sign the grant form and commit to what is stated therein.
  • The postponement of the academic semester must be implemented before the beginning of the semester and any request after that is considered a cancellation or withdrawal.
  • Students who withdraw from the semester, or fully withdraw from the university, are subject to refund policy.
  • Late registration fees start from the first day after the end of the registration period of regular students in accordance with the university calendar.
  • If a student pays application fees but does not join the university for a period that exceeds a year, then he/she should repay the application fees when reapplying for admission.
  • Academic tuition fees for the summer courses and tuition fees for visiting students are estimated according to the same regulations that are used for regular student. Moreover, they are subject to the refund policy of the university for regular students.
  • The student may benefit from the Education Financing Agreement with Al Jazeera Bank, to get a loan that facilitates tuition fees payment.


A. Ministry of Education Grants:

The Ministry of Education has a special grants program for male and female students in private universities and colleges. The Ministry pays the annual tuition fees for certain approved majors according to certain conditions. For more information, please visit the ministry website at:

B. University of Prince Mugrin Foundation Grants:

University of Prince Mugrin Charity Foundation offers complete or partial grants for distinctive and talented students, Saudis and non-Saudis, according to certain conditions, such as academic excellence and financial need

Financial Aid

Students and their parents may benefit from the agreement between UPM and Al Jazira Bank to get interest-free loan to pay tuition fees as follows:

Requirements for getting interest-free loan (fund)

  • The college determines the amount of fees in a specific form.
  • The applicant or his/her guardian fills the form.
  • The applicants provide a bank statement for three months from their bank.
  • A salary certificate from the work place (employees only)
  • Annual bank statement of the company (nonemployees)
  • A two-year financial statement of the company (nonemployees)
  • An account at Al Jazira Bank.

The applicant has the choice of applying for quarterly, yearly or whole period of study finance. The fees will be settled up on monthly basis according to the applicant's financial ability and the rules of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Advantages of applying for whole period of study finance:

  • It ensures the continuity of student's enrolment all over the period of study.
  • In case the applicants could not continue their study for any reason, they can get the fees back for the semesters which they did not study.
  • It ensures the continuity of study in the event total financial disability or the parent's death. In such cases, the student and the heirs will be exempted from paying the fund which they got.

A bank officer from Al Jazira Bank will be available in the Admission and Registration

Student Services :

  1. Lockers
  2. Gym subscription
  3. Books
  4. Lost ID cards
  5. IELTS Exam
Lockers Fees 40 SAR (per semester) -50 SAR (Insurance)
Gym subscription fees 50 SAR
Books Depends on the level
Lost ID Card fees 50 SAR
IELTS Exam fees 1050 SAR

Academic Calendar 

For purposes of classroom instruction, the Academic Calendar consists of two semesters and a Summer session. Fall semester extends from early September through the first week of January. Spring semester extends from early February through mid-May. Summer session consists of four or eight-week intensive courses and extends from early July to end August. All dates are approximate and are adjusted annually to begin and end on appropriate weekdays. Each semester may include scheduled holidays. The academic calendar for this year is showing below.

Academic Calendar 1438/1439H (2017-2018): First Semester






17 September 2017

26Dhulal-Hijjah 1438H

Classes begin.


21 September

01 Muharram

Last day for adding courses.


21 September

01 Muharram

Last day for students' re-admission for the second semester.


21 September

01 Muharram

Last day to accept visitors request for the second semester .


21 September

01 Muharram

Last day to accept transfer request from major to another.


24 September

04 Muharram

National Day Vacation.


28 September


Last day for dropping course(s) without permanent record.


30 September


Normal Sunday Classes.


23 November


Last day for withdrawal from course(s) with grade of "W" thru the University Registrar Office *




Last day for withdrawal from all courses with a grade of "WP/WF" thru the University Registrar Office* .


28 December

10 Rabi’ll

Normal Thursday classes & last day of classes for the term.

Sunday- Wednesday

31 December
10 January

13 Rabi’ll
23 Rabi’ll     

Final examinations.


11 January

24 Rabi’ll

Last day for faculty to submit grades to the University Registrar Office (2:00 PM);


21 January

04 Jumada’l

Classes begin for SecondSemester.