You can easily create a user name and password and complete the brief online application through the online application portal.

UPM accepts applications from degree and non-degree seeking students in the fall, spring, semesters. Students are strongly encouraged to apply by the deadlines to ensure they are fully eligible for all financial aid and are guaranteed a seat for their preferred semester. The admissions deadlines are:

Fall: between May 01, 2018 to September 10, 2018.

Spring: Between December 15, 2018 to February 10, 2019.

Graduation from secondary school is a prerequisite, although a high school equivalency may be accepted. After getting your Secondary school certificate then you are welcomed to apply, Applicant must have the following:

  • Must have a secondary school certificate (or equivalent) from inside or outside kingdom with minimum passing grade 80%.
  • Should be a recently graduated from high school (Less than 5 years since graduation).
  • Must score not less than 65 % in the aptitude test (Qudrat).
  • Must score not less than 60 % in the achievement test (Tahsili).
  • Original IELTS required test score or equivalent (if available).

If you don’t apply any of these conditions, please contact the admission department through email or Or by phone: 966-14-831-8484 Ext :1100 or 3049.

  • High school Certificate.
  • Saudi National ID for Saudis or Iqama for none Saudis.
  • Applicant Passport.
  • Aptitude exam Result.
  • Achievement exam Result.
  • Medical report (Filled & verified by an official Hospital) Download form
  • Colored photograph.
  • IELTS or equivalent certificate (if there is any).

Financial department provides different payments methods, deposit in the university bank account and cash points.

Cash Payment

For cash payments students & their parents are welcomed to pass by the financial department in Male Campus to submit the cash amounts & they will be provided with an official receipt of the paid amount.

Deposit in the University Bank Account

To facilitate the process of paying the tuition fees, the university initiated a relationship with Aljazeera Bank, so students can make their payments through the bank branches, or by transferring the payments through the Account IBAN.

Al Jazeera Bank

Account Name: Prince Mugrin bin Abdulaziz University

Account number:0104-597999-001

IBAN: SA28 6000 0000 1045 9799 9001

Within 3-4 business days, you will receive a notification email & message explaining the next steps to complete your admission process.

The best way to contact the Admission department is through the following email for male inquiries or for girls inquiries. You are also welcome to call the Office during the weekday business hours of 8:00am-4:00pm, Sunday to Thursday. phone: 966-14-831-8484 Ext :1100 or 3049.

Scholarships are given to the students based on very clear criteria, if you are fulfilling the below criteria then you are qualified to have the scholarship, criteria is explained in the following table:

Weighted Score Fees Before Scholarship Fees after Scholarship
95 or More 33,000 per semester Students doesn’t pay any tuition fees
75 or More 33,000 per semester 16,500 per regular semester
Less than 75 33,000 per semester 19,800 per regular semester

Weighted percentage is calculated based on the following formula:

Weighted percentage = (40% GPA in secondary school + 30% General Aptitude + 30% Achievement test).

Phone: 966-14-831-8484 Ext :1100 or 3049.