Agreement signed for College of Hospitality Management | University of Prince Mugrin
Agreement signed for College of Hospitality Management

Agreement signed for College of Hospitality Management

July 31, 2017

The agreement was signed by Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, Vice Chairman of Al-Bayan Charity Foundation, Kais Ibrahim Julaidan, Assistant Chairman of Al-Bayan Charity Foundation, Michel Rochat, Director General of EHL and Yateendra Sinh, CEO of LHC

Swiss Consul General Hans Stalder and prominent members of the business community attended the ceremony.

UPM is a project of Al-Bayan Charity Foundation, which is a non-profit institute of higher education. The project’s first stage includes a College of Engineering and a College of Business Administration, and College of Computer and Cyber Sciences.

“We are in the process of enrolling students to the two colleges", said Prince Mansour, adding that the College of Hospitality Management and College of Law would be established in the second stage.

“Graduates of UPM colleges will be capable of bringing about positive change for the betterment of themselves, their families, society and the whole of humanity.”

The colleges will award bachelor degrees to students who complete their four-year courses, the prince said, adding that the college would be run by highly qualified international faculties.

Established over 30 years ago, LHC has delivered unique services in more than 60 countries through its product lines: management, consulting, executive education and development of hospitality learning centers, said Sinh.

“The LHC management consulting services range from market studies, development of small to very large hospitality multiuse concepts, feasibility studies and strategic advice to investors,” the CEO said.

Rooted in the Swiss sense of hospitality, the Ecole has, since 1893, been a pioneer in education that has inspired the world of hospitality and created a unique professional community of 25,000 global industry executives.