University of
Prince Mugrin

The University of Prince Mugrin seeks excellence and uniqueness with an inspiring educational philosophy, and a leading international status.The university seeks excellence and uniqueness in building a society characterized by knowledge and awareness. University of Prince Mugrin offers Bachelor degree programs in the majors of Engineering, Business Administration, Computer and Information Technology, and further offers degree programs in unique majors such as: Mechatronics Engineering, Cyber Security and Forensic Computing .

A University of Unique Contribution
to the Society of Knowledge

The university is characterized by having an affiliation with state-of-the-art universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland, with the aim of improving the academic programs and syllabi, as well as utilizing the most advanced laboratories that are built and equipped in accordance with the quality standards and accreditations of academic institutions.

The university seeks to prepare its male and female graduates for the market demands through granting them professional certificates offered by companies that are experts in different fields such as Oracle, Cisco, and Microsoft. Male and Female graduates of the university are further trained, through training programs required in the Industrial sector, to provide them with unique technical and practical experience.

The University of Prince Mugrin is a strong body of integrated human forces that is continuously working to serve its Islamic nation and its community. It is one of themajor sources of education and knowledge in the Kingdom.

The Vision of UPM

Our vision is to be a university of unique contribution to the society of knowledge, and further to have a leading international status. The university gains pride with the qualifications of its graduates, the quality of its research, and the efficiency of its societal services.

Mission of UPM

The mission of the university is to provide world-class education in various scientific disciplines by offering high quality academic and research degree programs that are in accordance with the highest international accreditation standards, and that are characterized by novelty, creativity and the best utilization of technology; to contribute significantly to acquiring knowledge, overcoming obstacles, and providing consultancy services, according to the demands of the total economic development. The university further aspires to work relentlessly to prepare human cadres that have good knowledge, and are skillful in their scientific majors. These cadres are also capable of competing in the local, regional, and international markets; a fact which helps in improving the quality of life, and fosters an effective national and international partnership, and establishes the philosophy of quality assurance, unique performance, and continuous development in a competitive environment that makes that University of Prince Mugrin amongst the state-of-the-art international universities.

The Objectives of the University of Prince Mugrin:

  • Enhance the spirit of belonging, pride and motivation among faculty members, students, and employees alike.
  • Increase the effectiveness of faculty members, improve the learning process for students, and enhance personal, social and academic growth.
  • Instill the spirit of constructive collaboration through the exchange of scientific and educational experiences to improve student performance and advance the overall learning process.
  • Innovate methods of performance assessment that ensure accountability and transparency and advance the quality of various programs and services whilst complying with global accreditation standards, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Enhance the governance of higher education and the development of institutional administrative work.
  • Secure the latest educational resources and facilities in the university for each faculty member, student and administrator.
  • Develop the educational and learning process in order to uphold the university’s vision through efficient investment of available human and material resources to serve the local, regional and global community.
  • Consistently review all university programs, on both academic and administrative levels, to ensure quality and to avoid misuse of materials and wasting of expenses.
  • Partner with prestigious, regional and global universities to develop degree programs and curricula. Update the administrative, academic and technological equipment units per the highest quality standards.
  • Engage the private sector in the educational process.
  • Provide a stable academic environment that encourages learning, creativity and excellence among students, faculty members, and employees.
  • Utilize the latest advancements in information communication technology to improve and expand the university’s capabilities in education and research.
  • Be up-to-date with the current progress of sciences on all levels, while maintaining the Islamic and Arab values rooted in our Muslim Arab society.
  • Produce talented, scientific graduates that can meet the diverse needs of the community and contribute to national development in all fields of industry.
  • Achieve the highest degree of scientific and educational excellence, to attain an approach established on efficiency standards and on the philosophy of quality not quantity.

The Values of UPM

The University of Prince Mugrin believes in a set of essential rules and ethical customs derived from Islam, namely:

Academic Freedom

The University of Prince Mugrin is committed to academic freedom. Academic work requires a scientific environment with freedom of thought through meetings, giving lectures, participating in public seminars, discussions and research projects. The access and use of information and knowledge and its deployment and distributing all integral aspects of intellectual, scientific work.

Working with team spirit and respecting oneself and others

Working with team spirit and respecting oneself and others represents the principle of cooperation that is paramount to success at the University of Prince Mugrin. The success or failure of the institution is measured by the cooperation among its members and working with unity in a collaborative effort that will only enhance the professional work and leadership of the university.

Respecting values, traditions and cultural diversity

The University of Prince Mugrin respects the entrenched values and rich heritage of the nation and participates efficiently in maintaining them, ensuring their continuation and in keeping with cultural diversity respecting other points of view.

Justice, integrity, and fairness

The University of Prince Mugrin is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity, respect, and professional ethics. The principles of social justice, equal opportunities and cultural diversity lay at the heart of the university’s core beliefs and values and work ethics.

Transparency, Accountability and Discipline

The University of Prince Mugrin cares about achieving transparency, accountability and discipline in all aspects of academic, administrative and professional work. The university strongly believes in applying these values to the teaching and learning process and is committed to providing different thoughts and ideas to enhance society and the field of science. All members of the teaching and administrative board respect these values and their application to different scientific domains and focus on disciplined behavior and highly professional interaction.

Quality and Excellence

The University of Prince Mugrin is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of standards in educational excellence. This commitment to quality and excellence is also sought after in the university’s professional and administrative processes. Through this pursuit of achieving high standards the university community is determined to push boundaries in order to achieve success through the highest intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation.

Creativity and Innovation

One of the university’s priorities is achieving success, reaching the highest degree of excellence, creating new ideas based on previous experience and seeking perfection.

Sustainability of Education

University of Prince Mugrin values sustainability of education, with the aim of preparing a future generation that is capable of dealing with this sustainability. This strategy in education is reliant on constant research tools and follow up done by all the active parties involved.

The effectiveness of decision making

The university of Prince Mugrin is committed to making all its plans and decisions characterized by rationality and effectiveness, based on a group of considerations that are governed by strong evidence and deep analysis to deal with emerging situations. The university further adopts effective systems and rational procedures that are highly adequate and efficient.

Fruitful communication

The university of Prince Mugrin stresses the importance of fostering the research connections, and praises the establishment of strong companionship with the institutions concerned with research locally, regionally, and internationally, to benefit from knowledgeable experiences and to be up to date with the latest in scientific programs. In doing so, the university further enables for the exchanges of information and data, and offers communication opportunities among researchers and scientists locally and internationally. It also contributes to the international scientific discussions.

Acknowledging the unique achievement

Acknowledging scientific and administrative achievements and praising it, is, in fact, giving credit to achievers. This, in turn, motivates their successors to continue their leading role. This is also a clear evidence on the unique academic standard of the university programs. Based on this, the University of Prince Mugrin gives such achievements great attention and acknowledges the distinctive efforts exerted with the aim of upgrading university performance at various levels.

Institutional work and administrative development

The university of Prince Mugrin adopts the philosophy of administrative development that is based on initiating creativity, innovation and the improvement of administrative abilities in various fields, with the aim of preparing qualified leaders to maintain the university as one body that works according to a solid distinct policy. According to such policy, responsibilities, authorities, and tasks are distributed in a way that ensures the accomplishment of the vision, mission and objectives of the university.