The Problem

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More Patients, Less Therapist

Patient count is increasing due to increase in longevity, population, road accidents, etc. Trained Medical Personnel is not increasing with the same proportion.

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Appointment Delays

Patients have to wait for a long period of time to get appointments.

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Boring Exercises

Exercises are boring, specially for the disabled children.

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Doing it the Right way

Most people cannot follow prescribed exercises correctly at home.

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Measuring improvement

Many of the Improvement metrics cannot be quantified and measured accurately.

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Expensive treatment

Treatment is expensive, specially when a physiotherapist needs to visit a patient at home.

The Solutions

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A non-invasive method of tracking patients performing exercises.

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Highly Accurate

Advanced sensors can measure patient movements with high accuracy and speed.

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Entertaining and Immersive experience with clinically validated games designed to provide physical therapy.

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Home Based Therapy

Completely home based so the patient does not have to leave home.

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Automatic Correction of exercises

Our software can detect and correct the patient's mistakes.

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Always Available

Web based exercise modules can be performed from anywhere while mobile and web based reports analytics can be viewed from anywhere anytime.

Features of this application

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No sensors to wear


No more personal visits from the therapist

Remote monitoring

A therapist can follow up with multiple patients

Reports on your mobile

Carry your medical records with you wherever you go

Guided Exercises

No more wrong exercises


Enjoy your therapy


No more visits to the clinic

Online and always available

Exercise on the go

Social Media Aware

Share your results with your near and dear ones

Intelligent game engine

Automatically adjusts difficulty level based on patient’s ability
Our Products

The following e-Health related technologies, developed in faculty of Computer and Information Systems of UPM, will be demonstrated during the workshop.

Therapy Authoring to Create Customized and Personalized Therapies
Multi-Sensory Gesture Based Login for People with Special needs and Doctors in Clinical Environment
Gesture based Serious Games for Physical Therapy
Gesture based Clinical Data Browsing for Patients and Medical Doctors
Multimedia Big Data support of e-Health applications
Recording, annotation and Playback of in-house multimedia therapy exercises with Kinect, Leap and Myo
Research on Pilgrim e-Health Services
Smart home appliance control using natural user interfaces: occupational therapy imperative
Mapping Physical Human Joint-motion in Physical World with Virtual Reality 3D Skeleton Through Multi-Sensory Environment
Multi-sensory, Non-Invasive Whole-Body Range of Motion Detection for Quality of Improvement Measurement
Gesture based map browsing for physically challenged
Setup of this application

All you need is a Leap and a Kinect and you are ready to go!