About EE Department

Electrical engineering has always been a desirable field in various industries. Electrical engineers participate in jobs such as designing and troubleshooting communication systems, wireless communication systems, electrical power systems and robotic systems.

Since its early beginnings, the field of electrical engineering has grown and branched out into a number of specialized categories, including power generation and transmission systems, control systems, communication systems and electronics.


Our Mission to Our Students:

The mission of the Electrical Engineering (EE) Department is to provide outstanding education to its undergraduate students. In UPM, we are dedicated to feed our students with education that has sufficient depth and breadth to design, comprehend, analyze and tackle complex engineering systems and problems.

Our Mission to Our Society:

We are striving to supply the society with the workforce that is ethically and intellectually ready to be pioneers in the national and international electrical engineering industry. Pioneers who have the potential to lead the national and international markets to innovative directions and developments.

Our Mission


Our Vision:

In EE Department of the UPM, we foresee our program to be one of the leading programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide. Our approach is achieved with well-qualified professors, through most recent educational technologies and following advanced educational methodologies.