College of Engineering

The College of Engineering was established in response to the growing engineering needs of the Kingdom. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,there is an urgent need to build an academic engineering structure that not only copes with national development plans, but also takes into consideration social and cultural needs.

In the College of Engineering, we are aiming to produce graduate engineers with high ethical and technical standards. We foresee our graduates as pioneers who can effectively apply technology, engineering methods and personal skills that would lead to finding creative solutions to real life problems.

The College of Engineering, With the grace of Allah, exerted tremendous effort to facilitate a distinctive educational environment for our students. We began by developing strong curricula in all disciplines through benchmarking top universities in the field. On top of that, the College of Engineering staff have conducted fieldvisits to national and international universities and research centers, to take advantage of the available expertise of those scientific institutions. The college attracted highly qualified and competent faculty members to join our team.