Publications of College of Business and Tourism

College of Business and Tourism Recent Publications

  • Sanaa S. Askool, “Social Media Adoption by SMEs in Saudi Arabia: Organizational Perspective”, J. Am. Sci., 2019;15(12):1-16]. ISSN 1545-1003 (print); ISSN 2375-7264 (online), doi:10.7537/marsjas151219.01.
  • Askool, S., Pan, Y.-C., Jacobs, A., & Tan, C. “Understanding proximity mobile payment adoption through technology acceptance model and organizational semiotics: An exploratory study”, 2019.
  • Pan YC., Jacobs A., Tan C., Askool S, “Extending Technology Acceptance Model for Proximity Mobile Payment via Organisational Semiotics”. In: Liu K., Nakata K., Li W., Baranauskas C. (eds) Digitalisation, Innovation, and Transformation. ICISO 2018. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 527. Springer, Cham.
  • Askool, S., Pan, Y.-C., Jacobs, A., & Tan, C., “Multi-Cultural Study of End-User Proximity Mobile Payment Adoption: TAM and Organisational Semiotics Investigation”, WDSI Conference, Los Angeles, California, 2019.