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Research and Innovation Plan

UPM aspires to achieve the excellence in research and scientific outcomes through innovation and commercialization to address the economic and industrial sectors targeting the societal issues and community challenges.

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Research Centers

Dr. Hussein El Sayyed Center for Scientific Research
Green Environment Research Center
Applied Studies of Holy Haramain Affairs Research Center
Artificial Intelligence and Technology Research Center


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Department of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Student Research Projects

E-Health - image size (311 x 210)


E-Health Research Group Focuses Cutting Edge E-Health Research

Multimedia Big data - image size (311 x 210)

Multimedia Big data

Geo-Tagged Multimedia Data Collection, Storage, Analysis and Visualization is the focus of this research group.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Research Group is the first of its kind in KSA to handle Digital Crimes.

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Smart City

UPM aims to transform Madinah as Smart City by Connecting IoT, Social Media and Human Intelligence.

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We encourage our undergraduate students to conduct research projects under their teachers’ supervision and support for innovation and excellence.



Undergraduate Research Projects

University of Prince Mugrin’s administration is responsible for supporting and funding the teaching staff research endeavors into innovation and excellence.

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