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UPM capabilities in research stems from its distinguished faculty and research-related infrastructure. PhD holders representing different scientific specializations mainly related to engineering, business and tourism, and computer & cyber sciences represent the driving force behind research activities. Research support in the form of organized workshops, mentoring students for research in graduation projects, and support in writing proposals is provided by the Department of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies (DSRGS). Currently, UPM offers only undergraduate studies. However, several postgraduate programs are under evaluation and study. UPM keeps track of research production through departments within different colleges under direct supervision of the DSRGS. Current state of research at UPM is viewed in terms of faculty involved in research, labs and facilities, national and international collaboration, and involvement of students in research. This is evaluated by the end of each academic year based on several qualitative measures including:


  • Publication quality and quantity from each college and program.
  • Citations rate in refereed journals from each college and program.
  • Number of research award nominations.
  • Total internal and external research funds.
  • Number of interdisciplinary research grant applications.
  • Number of new agreements with industry and academic institutions.
  • Number of workshops and seminars aiming to improve faculty research skills.



The above measures provide a sense of direction where to focus research & innovation activities and associated funding in corrective action plans to establish internal consistency across all researchers within UPM in contributing to the same research & innovation goals.





Commitment to nurturing and inspiring the advancement of scientific research and innovation that contributes to community and national needs driven by high-caliber faculty, establishing research collaborations and through investment in new postgraduate and research programs






Research and Innovation Plan

UPM aspires to achieve the excellence in research and scientific outcomes through innovation and commercialization to address the economic and industrial sectors targeting the societal issues and community challenges.

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  • University Council approval of the Research & Innovation Strategic Plan (2020-2024), and its budget and resource requirements.
  • Secured approval and support for the University Research InitiativeS (RIS) program and its approach for building the research system and infrastructure within the University.
  • Continuation of the Research Excellence Awards to Distinguished faculty and researchers.
  • Approval of several approaches for enhancing faculty research skills and productivity through workshops, trainings and mentoring.
  • Increased opportunities for motivating faculty and providing mechanisms for research incentives and recognition.
  • Engagement in new research partnerships and collaborations related to scientific and applied research projects aimed at serving the community.
  • Provided increased opportunities and diversification for funding scientific and applied research projects.

DSRGS Members and College Representatives


  • Prof. Dr. Omar Tayan, Managing Director of the Department of Scientific Research & Graduate Studies (DSRGS)
  • Salwa AlBraim, Head of Library Services
  • Dr. Maha Modather, Head of the Architectural Engineering Department
  • Dr. Mohamed Zayed, Head of the Computer Science Department
  • Dr. Maher AbdulHadi, Head of the General Studies Department
  • Dr. Md. AbdurRahman, Faculty Member from the Department of Forensic and Cyber Sciences
  • Dr. Ahmed Elhayek, Faculty Member from Artificial Intelligence Program
  • Dr. AbdulHafeeth Jones, Faculty Member from the College of Business and Tourism
  • Dr. Redhwan Nour, Business Development Center, Vice Rectorate of Business Development




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