Students Advisors

Student Counselor

Student counselor consolidate and examine students’ educational experiences within the frameworks of their aspirations and abilities to extend learning beyond campus boundaries and time frame.

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Students Advisors

A constantly involved advising is a hallmark of the UPM. We pride ourselves in a very active advising network for our students throughout their educational years. Our annual cohort of student advisors and committed staff & faculty are always there to help them with the best advice and guidance on “one student at a time” basis.

Please feel free to set up an appointment or just stop by for help. Student Advisors hold weekly office hours during the academic year. Our doors are always open.

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Role of Student Advisors

  • To make an effort to know about the student as an individual and to build a faculty-student relationship. 
  • To help the student to better understand herself/himself.
  • To be knowledgeable about programs and requirements, as well as campus services and resources.
  • To assist the student to learn more effectively, and to attain a satisfactory (GPA).
  • To maximize the educational experience and encourage the students to utilize the institution’s resources.