Counseling and Guidance Center

The University Counseling and Guidance Center was established in the belief of Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz University in the importance of the role of counseling in the life of the university student , in terms of providing educational, psychological, social, and professional counseling services within a future vision based on curative, preventive and development counseling within the framework of an integrated center and interconnected with the community to achieve Sustainable development.

Our Vision

Pioneering in providing comprehensive and distinguished counseling and guidance services to students that meet their needs, direct their energies and develop their capabilities towards excellence.

Our Mission

To provide students with comprehensive and varied counseling services to satisfy their social, psychological and professional needs and to help them develop their personality and improve their ability to deal with various problems that may negatively affect their academic performance and to continue their studies.

Our Goals

  • Providing individual and group counseling services to university students in the psychological, social, academic and professional fields.
  • Find out about the different problems that face the student during his studies and work to find solutions to them.
  • Helping the student to discover his talents and using them to develop the student’s skills, strengthen his self-confidence, and help him to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of his personality.
  • Guide the student to the appropriate methods of study and how to face test anxiety.
  • Providing preventive intervention programs and services for university students.

Our Services

All university students can obtain the counseling services available at the Center, namely: Individual counseling


Psychological Guidance:

We provide individual counseling services for all university students, on a variety of topics including, but not limited to : anxiety, depression, stress, conflicts, loss and grief, marriage problems, smoking, and life decision-making..

Academic Advising:

We offer a one-on-one counseling service for students who have academic issues. The center provides services to help students deal with: exam anxiety, educational stress, learning difficulties, learning strategies, developing study skills, time management, and teamwork skills.

Professional Consulting:

We apply a set of measures of professional tendency to help students define their career orientations. We also provide a career counseling service by discussing students' interests with current and future career orientation programs.

Group Counseling

We provide group counseling services in groups ranging from two to eight individuals. It is a service in which individuals share similar interests to support their emotional, behavioral, psychological and social development. The service can include holding psychological / educational groups, structured groups, and focus groups. Group counseling lasts about 6 to 8 sessions.

Psychological Evaluation

The University Counseling and Guidance Center provides psychological evaluation of the capabilities and characteristics of university students in light of high-level psychometric tests that are standardized on the Saudi environment, through the psychological evaluation counseling sessions.

Outreach Services

We offer you dear student / student outreach services through the website and through the introduction of training programs that aim to achieve preventive and curative aspect and development.

Training Services

We offer a range of training programs that aim to develop and develop students' skills and support the positive side of their lives, such as steps to success, coaching, self-assessment and other developmental and developmental programs.

Intervention in Times of Crisis

Dear student, you can also call the extension phone of the University Counseling and Guidance Center on 0148318484 and the number 1212.