English Language Department

English Language Department


The English Language Institute at the University of Prince Mugrin endeavors to provide students with a supportive and dynamic learning environment which aims to foster a passion and enthusiasm for learning through outstanding educational practices. The ELD is committed to providing high-quality intensive English language instruction to students in order for them to develop as independent critical thinkers and enhance their English language skills, so that they can successfully study and thrive at the undergraduate level and beyond. 


To provide an intensive English language program enhancing English language skills and developing learners’ critical thinking through highly qualified faculty.

To achieve this mission, the English Language Institute pursues the following goals

  1. Improve the English language and academic skills of students in preparation for both study at UPM and work in professional contexts. 
  2. Provide students with a supportive learning experience that is characterized by developing strong relationships from the very first point of contact to when they graduate and become part of our alumni. 
  3. Adhere to the highest standards of English language instruction by attracting and developing talented, qualified and experienced faculty. 

Program Objectives

Approaching the distance between secondary education and university education

Raise the English language in optimal investment in accordance with the labor market and its needs

Improve students competence and develop their academic abilities in general courses; such as: engineering, business administration, and information technology

Provide curricula with highly qualified educational requirements, such as: IELTS, TOEFL, and Michigan


Noura Alsafie

Assistant Head Of English language Dept. for female branch
Ext: 3126