College of Computer and Cyber Sciences

Computer and Cyber Sciences are fast-moving and dynamic fields that bring together disciplines, including mathematics, programming, engineering, logic, natural sciences, security, psychology and linguistics, Students in this field develop their analytical, logical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.



To pioneer computing education by graduating creative and competent professionals and conducting innovative multidisciplinary research in the state-of-the-art fields of computer and cyber sciences to support the development of society


  • Providing  high quality academic programs in all disciplines related to computer science, cybersecurity and forensic computing, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.
  • Meeting the requirements of national development, and responding to the constant need - in this field - for graduates who have the know-how, creativity and skill to compete in the global marach.
  • Preparing graduate leaders capable of creating an environment characterized by the highest levels of security; in order to develop the Kingdom and protect its information security systems.
  • Serving the community and leading it to become a knowledgeable society. 
  • Producing and supporting scientific research in order to contribute to enriching knowledge and achieving development goals in the Kingdom.
  • Providing an academic environment that encourages and supports quality production and excellence