IT Director

UPM is looking for Saudi of the highest caliber to fill vacancy of Information Technology Director:

You will be Responsible for the computing and information technology needs of the University (both hardware and software), the networking and delivery system, as well as for the closed circuit television, audio-visual. Also responsible for securing and administering contracted services that may be required for computing, and other information technology services.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plans and develops policies and procedures for carrying out IT and computer operations for the University.
  • Monitors the progress of work, resolves problems and ensures that standards for quality and quantity of work are met.
  • Consults with managerial and systems analysis personnel, identifies and clarifies problems determines extent of requirements, and suggests solutions.
  • Takes a proactive approach to computer services and quality of programs. Meets with users to determine the service needed and to identify needs. Plans review of daily logs and reports by the IT Department, to detect recurring slowdowns or errors.
  • Plans and recommends University upgrades with regard to computer services. 
  • Consults with software and hardware vendors and other organizations to solve problems impeding computer processing.
  • Develops departmental budget recommendations and monitors expenditures.
  • Provides in-house and external training opportunities for the department personnel in the state of the art programming, program coding, computer operations, and peripheral equipment, software and hardware options available for University use. 
  • Prepares records for University administration, department and personnel use, as requested.
  • Assigns, coordinates and reviews the work of department’s staff. Distributes workload and adjusts hours of work, priorities and staff assignments to ensure efficient operations.
  • Directs the development of programs (if within University capability) based on workflow charts or diagrams, taking into consideration factors such as computer storage capacity and speed, extent of peripheral equipment needed and intended use of output data. 
  • Directs the compilation of documentation of programs’ development and subsequent revisions. Prescribes standards for terms and symbols used to simplify interpretation of programs for multiple users as required across the University.


Required Education, Skills and Experience:

  • Master Degree in computer science or engineering, with (8) years of experience with minimum (3) years of management experience in an academic, or business environment, or a Bachelor Degree in computer science or engineering, with (10) years of experience with minimum (5) years of management experience in an academic, or business environment.
  • Knowledge of current technology and familiarity with various products provided by computer vendors. 
  • Knowledge in the area of networking systems.
  • Familiarity with client server approach to providing computer services.