Our Mission

The mission of the unit is to improve the quality of university graduates' skills by encouraging and supporting them, as well as improving their competitiveness in the labor market through mutual communication between the university and alumni, and by providing training programs and career opportunities in a variety of fields

Our Goals

  • Improving relations and communication between the university and its alumni
  • Introducing the graduate to the needs of the labor market through visits and coordination with officials in the private and government sectors
  •  Qualifying and raising the efficiency and performance of university graduates to achieve consistency between the level of graduates, the requirements of local development and the changing needs of the labor market
  • Benefit from the experiences and capabilities of graduates in the university's development programs
  • Assisting graduates in obtaining jobs that match their specializations
  • Introducing graduates to what is new at the university and utilizing them in the organization of university events and activities
  • Paying attention to the news of the university's distinguished graduates who have achieved high positions.
  • Form an alumni advisory committee.