TENDER INVITATION Provision of UPM New Website Development Services

UPM is seeking qualified bidders for the design and development of a cutting-edge website for the University of Prince Mugrin (UPM), with the primary goal of conveying a strong presence through a well-organized site with a clean, modern structure, secure, easy to access and navigate, simples, suitable for various device platforms and screen sizes, with high performance and a professional corporate appearance, as well as increasing brand recognition, awareness, and sharing success.

To show real-time data as required, the new UPM website must be connected with online UPM systems. This project will follow the contract, which will be signed after UPM issues the purchase order (PO) with the timeline outlined below and will include support and maintenance for one year after the agreed-upon fully functional website is delivered.

The solution provider will create a website in both Arabic and English for the UPM that includes all the details mentioned in the RFP.

The bidding procedure will be open competitive bidding.

Tendering process:


  • To obtain a copy of the RFP document, interested bidders should send an email to websitetechnical@upm.edu.sa with their contact details: company name, company website, contact name, email, and phone number with similar project execution with reference contact details by November 17, 2022, 4:00 pm.
  • Bidders may submit their clarification questions to the email address websitetechnical@upm.edu.sa before the mentioned deadline.
  • Email with the subject line: 'Confidential - Invitation to Tender for UPM New Website Development Services'.
  • Submission of the technical proposal: which follows the structure described in the RFP should be sent out to websitetechnical@upm.edu.sa before the mentioned deadline.
  • A financial proposal which should include the total amount along with the breakdown amounts of each deliverable should be sent to websitefinancial@upm.edu.sa before the mentioned deadline.
  • It is the Tenderer's responsibility to ensure that their quotation reaches the above-mentioned email address on or before the deadline.
  • For whatever reason, quotations received after the deadline specified below will not be considered for evaluation.
  • Electronic copies in PDF format must be submitted.
  • Responses must be written in English and submitted in the format(s) requested.


Vendor Selection Process:

Vendor selection process will follow the below tender timetable:




The bidders send their clarification questions.

13-17 Nov-2022

Clarifications question submission closure.

17th -Nov-2022

UPM to publish questions and answers through emails that would be sent to bidders’ contact emails.

21st -Nov-2022

Proposals submission closure.


Shortlisted vendors will be contacted for next steps whereas non shortlisted vendors will not be informed.


Interviews with shortlisted vendors to take place (if applicable)


UPM awarded the project to the selected provider.




Proposal Evaluation Matrix


Vendor evaluation process will follow the below table:




Score weight (%)


Technical Proposal (80%): that meet the following criteria:



Submission of a unique technical proposal, as well as the skills and experience that the Firm will bring to this RFP.



Qualifications in web development in educational fields for the execution of a similar project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region, or the Middle East.



Members of the project team must have at least five years of experience in the field of IT as a website designer/developer, as well as strong web programming skills.



Portfolio of at least three website design projects in which the bidder participated.



Financial Proposal (20%)

Financial proposal with overall best costs for service delivery and financial incentives and benefits provided to UPM.






Qualification score