Scope of Work for the Financial Sustainability Model of University of Prince Mugrin

Date: 01/06/1444 AH Corresponding: 12/25/2022 AD

Scope of Work for the Financial Sustainability Model of University of Prince Mugrin 


University of Prince Mugrin is a non-profit entity established by the Council of Ministers decision no. (22) on 09/01/1438 AH, and the approval of the university's bylaws, which states in Article 2 that " University of Prince Mugrin is a non-profit educational institution established by Al-Bayan Charitable Foundation for Educational Purposes in Medina." The university has distinguished experiences and competencies in various fields, including scientific, operational, and strategic aspects. The University has high expertise in implementing projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has extensive international relations with the most prestigious relevant bodies to implement national plans and major development projects. The University works on diversifying its sources of income by creating and innovating qualitative investment opportunities that achieve social impact and financial sustainability, focusing on endowment projects, non-profit sector initiatives, and activities. To ensure the continuity and expansion of the university's activities and maximize their impact, the university established a rectorate for business development. The aim of establishing this rectorate is to achieve financial sustainability for the university and to expand the available resources of the university by participating in investment and endowment projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To build an innovative business model through a specialized consultant to achieve the financial sustainability of University of Prince Mugrin by diversifying the investment portfolio with financial and endowment products, through an in-depth study of the current situation, best global and local practices, and future opportunities, to be implemented through the Business Development Rectorate.

Scope of Work:

The project to build the financial sustainability plan for University of Prince Mugrin includes the following:

  1. Studying and analyzing the current situation and future investment opportunities for the university.
  2. Making international, regional, and local benchmark comparisons similar to the university's scope of work and goals.
  3. Preparing a strategic plan for the university's sustainability, business model, partners, and marketing plan.
  4. Conducting a feasibility study for proposed investment and endowment projects.
  5. Developing the financial model and risk assessment.
  6. Providing recommendations for implementing the financial sustainability plan.
  7. Investing in university facilities according to the best investment and operation models.
  8. Diversifying self-generated revenue sources by offering academic and professional programs, specialized studies, and partnerships with the public and private sectors.
  9. Leveraging the expertise of university staff to provide consulting, research, and training services through the creation and activation of commercial entities.
  10. Developing the implementation plan to activate the sustainability model resulting from the project.
  11. Activating the role of the university, marketing its brand, and expanding its investments.


Items required / scope of work


Estimated amounts


Unit price

Total price


Preparation stage for the project and desk research, studying the current situation and making comparative references






Preparing a strategic plan for the university's sustainability, business model, partners, tasks, and roles






Studying the best available endowment investment options






Policies, regulations, and procedures for the university's revenues and investments






Preparing a marketing plan to mobilize resources and donations for the university






Investment plan for university facilities according to best investment and operating models






Developing the executive plan and performance indicators, based on the scope of the work attached






























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