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​Community Research at UPM:​

UPM capabilities in research stems from its distinguished faculty and research-related infrastructure. Research and innovation at UPM are approached with a focus to addressing economic and industrial sectors targeting the societal issues and community challenges. PhD holders representing different scientific specializations mainly related to engineering, business and tourism, and computer & cyber sciences represent the driving force behind research activities. 

Community Volunteering


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Community volunteering at UPM:

At UPM, all faculty, staff, and students are given an equal chance to undertake a range of projects and activities that will leave a memorable, challenging, personally meaningful and complex volunteering experience that fit their needs. ​

We work with a wide range of partners to have a positive impact upon poverty, diversity, community development, wellness, and many other aspects that help enhancing Madinah’s environment.​

Volunteering will build your confidence, develop your skills, give you the chance to meet new people, help you to become an active member of the local community. ​

We assure you that the time spent volunteering at UPM will be one of your best experiences.

Community Service


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Community Service at UPM:

As community service is a vital aspect of the Saudi Vision 2030 as well as UPM graduates' characteristics, UPM was keen to establish this unit to build the community by the community individuals themselves. At UPM, students are always encouraged to engage in learning experiences where they become involved in immersion learning to take them outside the traditional classroom. ​

UPM enables students to improve their lives through social activities and to shift their’ mindset towards the local community needs.