IBDL Certificates

IBDL Program

The Continuous Education Center at the University of Prince Mugrin bin Abdul Aziz is proud to be one of the first providers of the IBDL Certificates in KSA. IBDL program provides you with IBDL certifications to accredit staff and executives in BAS business skills, and to help the international and local community speak business language and make the most of executives' skills, to effectively contribute to the growth of the economy and increase productivity.

Program Levels

Level One

Understanding Business Your Way to Business!

It is a rewarding certification that can create opportunities for a lifelong career. It is internationally recognized certification in Business Administration skills - BAS.
IBDL Essential provides learners with an integrated “big picture” approach to business that covers the most important functional areas of business. It explains the nature of business with an emphasis on its applications for people and organizations.

Program content

  1. Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business
  2. Management: Functions and Styles
  3. Leadership and Motivation
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. Marketing: Product and Price
  6. Marketing: Place and Promotion
  7. Understanding Financial Information and Accounting
  8. Business in Global Markets
  9. Demonstrating Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility
  10. Information Technology in Business

Program details

Target audience:
Fresh graduate and people who are considering starting a job as employees of large or medium companies, or who are planning to develop departmental staff

Program duration:
50 training Hours 

Level Two

Management and Planning Your Way to Management!

It is primarily a milestone in your career in business administration field. It provides a business sense of how to implement successful position for your organization in light of four essential pillars of performance; Planning and supervision, monitoring and control which gives you an edge over the competitors. The main idea is to keep focused on a type of “bottom line,” to make sure you think continually about “delivering the goods” that make both you and your organization a competitive success.

Program content

  1. Managing
  2. International Management
  3. Planning and Strategic Management
  4. Managerial Decision Making
  5. Managerial Control
  6. Teamwork
  7. Communicating
  8. Human Resources Management
  9. Organization Structure
  10. Organizational Agility
  11. Managing the Diverse Workforce
  12. The External Environment and Organizational Culture
  13. Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
  14. Managing Technology and Innovation
  15. Creating and Managing Change

Program details

Target audience:
Executives, entrepreneurs, middle management

Program duration:
60 training Hours

Level Three

Leadership and Strategies Your Way to Strategies!

It brings together the key strategic thinking and leadership skills of strategic planning, and conflict management which is required to succeed in today’s complex and challenging business environment. It links the strategy of today’s firm with the desired outcomes of revenue, profits, and growth through value creation and market focus.

Program content

  1. Strategy and the Importance
  2. Charting a Company's Direction
  3. Evaluating a Company's Resources, Capabilities, and Competitiveness
  4. The Five Generic Competitive Strategies
  5. Strengthening a Company's Competitive Position
  6. Strategies for Competing in International Markets
  7. Corporate Strategy
  8. Building an Organization Capable of Good Strategy Execution
  9. Leadership

Program details

Target audience:
Businessmen, decision makers, CEOs, and directors

Program duration:
60 training Hours