Placement Test

English Placement Test

Once accepted at UPM, all students sit for the OOPT placement test in English. The result of their placement test determines the level at which they enter the Preparatory Year English Program.Students who achieve the required placement test scores or achieve the required standardized tests scores (IELTS or TOEFL) as per rules set by the University in English which qualify them for EXEMPTION from the ENGLISH PYP program will be allowed to take the MATH placement test (MATH 001 placement test and if passed take the MATH 002 test).Students who pass both ENGL and MATH placement tests will be allowed to take the Computer science placement test (on the level of PSC 001 course) and if passed they will be EXEMPTED from the Preparatory Year Program and can go immediately to the freshman level.Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) scores are converted into levels at the UPM PYP English Program, which correlates with the Common European Framework (CEF).Oxford Online Placement Test scores converted into levels at the UPM Preparatory Year English Program in accordance with CEF (Common European Framework) reference levels.

Required Score

A0 – A2 ENGL000
A2 - B1 ENGL001
B1 ENGL002
B2 ENGL003
B2 ENGL004
C1 WAIVED in Prp year