Admission Conditions

1. General Admission Criteria



The admission of new students at the University of Prince Mugrin requires the following:


  1. Having a high school certificate or its equivalent from within the Kingdom or abroad.
  2. Having good morals and conduct.
  3. Not being dismissed from any other university for disciplinary reasons.
  4. Successfully passing tests, personal interviews or any other conditions specified by the University and announced at the time of application.
  5. Taking the Corona virus vaccine before the beginning of the new semester by the deadline of 22/08/2021(14/01/1443) and sending the medical report from the Sehaty (MY HEALTH) application to the University Admissions mail:

A. Admission criteria in accordance with the educational system of the high school certificate:

High School Rate Study System

Scientific: 70% and more

Literary: 70% and more

Saudi System

Meeting one of the following conditions:

1. Eight O level subjects, with no less than a

(C) rating.

2. Five O level subjects, with no less than a

(C) rating, plus two subjects: (AS) with an

estimate no less than a (D).

3. Five O level subjects, with no less than a

(C), plus one subject: A, with an estimate no

less than a (D).

British Diploma System
Unspecific American Diploma System

B. The regulatory conditions for accepting foreign certificates:

  • American diplomas from international schools are required to be certified by the Ministry of Education.
  • Secondary school certificates (the Saudi system) from outside the Kingdom are required to be attested by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in the country of origin.
  • Students who have a general secondary certificate granted by educational systems other than the Saudi educational system who wish to apply to the University must obtain an equivalent to this certificate if it is from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they should provide the required attestations and accreditations if this certificate is issued by a non-Saudi educational system from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • If the secondary certificates are of another type - other than what is mentioned above - then the applicant must contact the Admissions Department at the University to find out the required admission criteria according to the secondary certificate obtained.

2. Special Admission Criteria

A. Direct Admission to Academic Programs:


Students who are distinguished in their educational attainment and proficiency in the English language can join the academic programs directly, by being waived from the preparatory program based on the following criteria:

  • For TOEFL or equivalent test, the required result is TOEFL 500 / ILETS Band 5.
  • For the English exam provided by the English Language Department, the required result is (Oxford Online Placement Test) 71.
  • For Math and computer testing, the required results are 70% or more.



B. Admission to the preparatory year program:


Students who did not achieve the required score on the English language test should enroll in the preparatory program, and if s/he meets the requirements to pass the aforementioned program, s/he can start studying in the academic major.

3. Required documents and papers


  1. The original high school certificate or its equivalent (the original will be kept at the university).
  2. A copy of the national identity card for Saudi students or residency permit for non-Saudis (with the original presented for conformity).
  3. A copy of the passport for all students with the original presented for matching the copy.
  4. 4 photos of the General Aptitude Test result for public school students, which can be printed from the (Qiyas) website, if any.
  5. 4 copies of the General Achievement Test result for students of the Saudi education system, which can be printed from the (Qiyas) website, if any.
  6. An approved medical report by an approved health authority, such as a hospital or a health center.
  7. 4 recent personal colored photos, size (4 X 6).
  8. A copy of the English language test result (IELTS or equivalent), if any.