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Preparatory Year

Our preparatory year serves the purpose of minimizing the gap between secondary and university education.This program enables our students to broaden the horizons of their learning and prospects to develop their creative and analytical approach. Our comprehensive program is designed to offer a perfect combination of English language and different scientific subjects.

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Our freshmen enjoy a unique position in our university. The preparatory year serves as the first stage in their university life as it helps them choose a major subject and the faculty would offer them a specialization degree in their chosen subjects. This year prepares them mentally and intellectually before they delve into a much deeper level of their academic specialization.

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Transfer Students

At UPM, we welcome students from other colleges and universities who are interested in applying to our university for completing their degree. We feel honoured with your choice, we will be delighted to assist you with the transfer process.

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Visiting Students

We warmly welcome exchange/visiting students from recognized universities or faculties. Our teaching staff does their best to ensure that the visiting student gets all the deserved benefit offered from our university.

Tuition Fees

At UPM, we announce our annual fees to give an estimated expenditure idea for parents and students to plan accordingly.


At UPM, we support outstanding students with full and partial scholarships

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Placement Test

Our evaluation test helps us assess the level of English language. Each student has to go through this evaluation test to determine if they are ready to study for the specialization or need to learn the basics of English language.

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Application Form

Secondary school degree holders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or  its equivalent from other countries are eligible to apply. To get enrolled, fill out the admission application available on our website.