Mr. Babiker Ali - University of Prince Mugrin

Kashif Mehmood

Have a vast experience of teaching as a lecturer in mathematics in different institutes and universities of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I obtained M.Sc. degree in mathematics for University of Peshawar, Pakistan and B.Sc. degree in Mathematics from University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

Academic Degrees

  • M.Sc. Mathematics, University of Peshawar, 1999

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer, General studies(Mathematics), University of Prince Muqrin, Madinah Munawara.

Professional Experience

Administrative Experience
  • Manager Dean of educational services, University of Prince Muqrin University Madinah Munawara, 2017- now

Teaching Experience
  • Lecturer, University of hail, 2013-2014

Awards / Achievement




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