General Studies Department

The Department of General Studies is one of the first educational departments to be in contact with the newly enrolled students at the University of Prince Mugrin. Our mission is to provide students with knowledge and skills in mathematics and applied physical sciences that will enable them to cope with the challenges of their specialization courses. This target is achieved by bridging the gap between students’ secondary school education and professional degree programs through a supportive learning environment. 

The mission of the Department of General Studies is based on three main components of teaching, research, and community service. Our department is committed to: 

  • Offer specialization courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Islamic Culture for students undertaking degree programs in the Colleges of Business Administration, Computer Science and Engineering. 

  • Provide courses tailored to the needs of the local industry and community. 

  • Produce graduates who are well equipped with knowledge, skills, ethics and leadership qualities. 

  • Make a significant impact in the fields of economics, science and technology.