Esam H. Abdul-Hafidh

Ph. D., Associate Professor (Theoretical Physics)
Dean of Educational Services, University of Prince Mugrin, KSA

Dean's Message

The University is committed to providing world-class education in various scientific disciplines by offering high quality, academic degree programs in accordance with the highest international accreditation standards. We are determined to be an institution widely recognized, at a regional, national and international level, as a world leader in research and teaching. Through our commitment to excellence in teaching, we endeavor to equip our graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to make a significant contribution to the national and global economy and to society as a whole.

To achieve this goal, the deanship of educational services management has concentrated all its efforts to have an assemblage of highly qualified, trained and motivated human resources, state of the art infrastructure and facilities, and ample learning and teaching resources at the university. Besides having excellent classroom facilities and up-to-date lab equipment, the management has paid great attention to the existing staff development and training. It is consistently pursuing its goal of improving the university’s learning resources and IT infrastructure, and finding new ways and means to utilize this infrastructure for teaching and learning to enhance the development of the students.

The curriculum at the university is regularly revised and updated to meet the national and international expectations. The management continuously and dedicatedly works to improve all aspects of the academic life at the university.

I am really proud of those who contributed and participated in these activities, including heads of departments and other faculty members.