Amal Mohammed Aljzmi - University of Prince Mugrin

Amal Mohammed Aljzmi

A physics Lecturer are working several years teaching General physics courses associated with laboratory advance skills for freshman undergraduate students in two different local universities. In addition, many responsibilities are taken such as administrative work and supervising students while teaching experience. The research interest focuses on the development and application of new statistical mechanical theories and computational approaches combined with simulation techniques to describe physical phenomena in a broad range of applications relevant to chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. The areas of interest include the study of the molecular mechanisms governing the structure, function, and physiological roles of: 1- biomolecules immersed in aqueous environments; 2- ion diffusion and selectivity through realistic models of biological ion channel proteins; 3- nanoparticles interacting with surfaces (membranes): 4- drug delivery therapies and aggregation of highly charged macroions. Highly education in Master of Science (M.Sc) in Physics achieved from University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA.

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