The Deanship of Educational Services (DES) Oversees two basic departments, namely English Department, and the department of General Studies. The English department offers an intensive program with a wide number of courses adjusted to suite the right level of the student as determined by the standardized Oxford placement test. This program is professionally designed to improve the English proficiency of students over a short period so as to allow students to continue their education at the colleges of their choices without facing any language hindrances. The program’s ultimate purpose is to prepare students to achieve high scores in the standardized English tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

The Department of General Studies offers UPM students with core courses in Math, Physics, and Chemistry that would provide the foundation of their studies at the colleges of engineering, computer science and engineering, and business. This is in addition to Arabic and Islamic courses, statistics, psychology, and a wide range of elective courses that would help to broaden and sharpen both students’ knowledge and skills in different areas.

The DES focuses strongly on achieving the vision of UPM to become a unique leading academic institution that promotes excellence in teaching effectiveness. DES emphasizes deeply on student learning, self-discipline, commitment, and team work. To this end, the DES multi-national faculty members work hard on improving the teaching and learning processes by providing special attention to students with weak backgrounds in the core science courses. To achieve this purpose, we adopted the active learning process, which focuses on engaging all students in activities that encourage them to develop a deeper understanding of the course content through activities like reading, writing, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, as well as participating in discussions and problem solving groups. Furthermore, many new activities have been adopted to improve the teaching and learning processes like getting early feedback from students, instructor peer review, class videos and observations, student peer tutoring, structured Active In-class Learning, and teaching exemplars network.

Our DES Deanship has many goals that stem from its educational and research foundation message. Our multi-national faculty members are engaged in performing high quality original research in different scientific and educational aspects. This research is published in many highly reputable journals around the globe.

DES services goes beyond the University walls and reaches the larger community in Madina and the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We design programs and short courses in teaching English as a second language for the government and private sector employees in addition to many other programs like improving the writing skills in Arabic language.

Developing and improving the quality of the services that we offer to students, faculty and the community at large, takes a major part of our time and effort. We give (a) special attention to developing the teaching and learning processes. In this direction, we have taken several measures to control the quality of this process, including the quality of exams, placement tests, diagnostic tests, and grading procedure.

We believe that our ambitious goal to become a unique leading academic institution can be achieved through team work, dedication, commitment, self-development, and responsibility.