Cyber Security and Forensic Computing

Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Cyber Security and Forensic Computing (CSFC) is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other “vital” cyber security and forensic computing areas of knowledge that will best serve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world in the 21st century.

By leveraging the spirit of excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, outreach, and community engagement, Department of CSFC wants to take lead in the contribution of the national policy making with regards to cyber security and digital crimes, leading to socio-economic development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At the center of CSFC Department’s spirit is interdisciplinary exploration and enhanced collaboration between CSFC Department and industries, which is expected to fuel many scientific breakthroughs and technological advances in the areas such as digital data mining; cyber-terrorism, cyber-war, and cyber-espionage, Big Data mining for crime prediction, cyber security, computer forensics, cyber laws.

CSFC Department’s envision of impact also includes the innovation. One way CSFC graduates are expected to drive progress is by starting security companies that deliver new ideas and solutions toward a “secure digital Saudi Arabia and the world”.

Department Vision

To be a premier Department locally and globally for providing Education, performing Research and Innovation.

To become a regional center of excellence within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the area of Cyber Security and Forensic Computing for graduate and professional education, research and scholarship - creating knowledge and innovation that fundamentally improve lifelong learning and secure the way people live. It will excel in the technology and sciences, dynamically enhancing the way our graduates understand and experience their world.

To become a national model of excellence for challenging, learner-centered academic communities that advance knowledge in the areas of Computer Science and improve economic vitality and quality of life.

To make a window for the extension and outreach programs by which Department of CSFC will respond to the changing security needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.