Buildings and Facilities

General Resources and facilities

The faculty of Computer and Cyber Sciences maintains a verity of state-of-the-art computing facilities for research and instructional use, for both male and female sections, which features state of the art laboratory space. The Computer Science Laboratory coordinates the acquisition, maintenance, and operation of the computing equipment and network services.

General-purpose labs, are provided by over 200 Windows and Unix-based workstations and servers, located in laboratories, machine rooms and offices.

The back-end infrastructure is comprised of general-purpose computer, file, web, mail and print servers, operating as a well-integrated Linux and Windows 10 and some legacy environment. In addition, around a 100 of desktop machines, and a dual-security layer wireless network provides connectivity throughout the building and in surrounding exterior areas. Several large display screens provide high-definition video display research projects and for video conferencing.

Research Resources

Research in computer systems (including architecture, networking, operating systems, and distributed systems) involves a wide and constantly updated variety of hardware, software, and networks. Current hardware includes high-performance Intel multicore platforms, a 200-node Intel cluster with several tens of terabytes of networked storage, a networking testbed cluster, and PC workstations. Our facilities include Linux, and Windows systems, VMware instances, and VDI labs. Our clusters enjoy 1 and 10 gigabit switched Ethernet connectivity. In addition, the Systems lab provides a common workspace for operating systems, networking, and architecture students, and features Windows workstations, a video projector, and floor-to-ceiling whiteboards.

Research in smart home and intelligent systems is supported by a set of PC workstations and multiprocessor computer servers. A large collection of both commercial and locally made sensor nodes on top of Arduino boards’ are available. A variety of specialized equipment for the prototyping, debugging, and testing of smart home sensors such as Kinect2, LEAP, MYO, Microsoft HoloLens are also available and is housed within the Hardware and Embedded in this research Laboratory. These resources are utilized by research projects involved in the smart house research, embedded systems, and health informatics system.

Artificial intelligence experimental lab is supported by an intensive compute server cluster. All processors are high-end Pentium processors, with memories of TB of disk space supports AI research. Research in data management is supported by a combination of laptops, desktops, and a machine-cluster all running relevant suite of software systems. The machines are configured with either Windows or Linux and run several state-of-the art database management systems including SQL Server, Spark, Hadoop.

In addition, the Database lab provides a common workspace for students, and features Windows and Linux workstations, a video projector. Many other research groups such as computer networks, digital forensics and cyber security utilize equipment located in a set of research laboratories.