Amal Almarwani - University of Prince Mugrin

Amal Almarwani

Academic Degrees

  • Master degree in Cyber security, Computer Science and Engineering College, Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York). 2018
  • English Language Program certificate ( University of Pennsylvania , USA )
  • Business Intensive Program certificate ( University of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems , Computer Science and Engineering college Taibah University (Medina, Saudi Arabia) 2013

Academic Appointments

Professional Experience

Awards / Achievement



  • Designed, developed and produced project in the Medical field that detects tumour type, size and location in the brain. Program can detect tumours by examining the MR image as an input to the system, then applying different processes and procedures on the image to see the density and discoloration in the image, (King Fahd Hospital , KSA)
  • Developed Linux operating system security by secure user files through using two factor authorization which allow the admin to use his/her mobile every time he wanted to access sensitive file. Admin need to scan the mobile phone to get new password then he/she can access files. To ensure security the password will outdated if the user did not enter it directly within 3 minutes.
  • Designed and implemented Virtual Private Network on SSL to secure communication between parties over the internet ( Syracuse University , New York)


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