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Dr Abdolazeez S. Al Otaibi

Dr. Abdolazeez Alotaibi has an outstanding professional record with rich experience in academia, parliament, and trade diplomacy before joining the University of Prince Mugrin in May 2017 as dean for the College of Business Administration. Dr. Alotaibi graduated in 1979 among the top of his class from King Saud University majoring in management, and joined the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) as teaching assistant where he was awarded a scholarship to obtain his Master degree in 1983 majoring in organization and management, and Ph.D. in 1988 majoring in management and policy analysis both from State University of New York at Albany. He taught at IPA various management courses including organization design, leadership and creativity, decision making, and strategic planning. At the Institute of Public Administration, he participated in many research and consultation activities, among these projects he chaired a task force composed of deputy ministers to restructure the educational sector in the Kingdom under the supervision of the High Ministerial Committee For Administrative Organization. He also chaired a committee for restructuring the Institute of Public Administration, and another committee to rewrite the bylaw of the Institute. Dr. Alotaibi assumed an important administrative position at the Institute where he worked for many years as General Director of Training Programs ( administrative, economic, a financial program) before becoming the Deputy Director General of IPA for TRAINING PROGRAMS which is a rank of a deputy minister in 1999. In 2005 Dr. Alotaibi was selected to be a member of Ashwora Council which is the Saudi Arabian parliament where he served as a member of the finance committee for four years. During his membership at the Council, he chaired the 10th Parliamentary Friendship Committee responsible for GCC States, China, Korea, and some of Central Asia States for two years. In June 2010 Dr. Alotaibi was named the Ambassador/Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland where he established the first independent Saudi Mission to WTO after its accession to in 2005. In his capacity as representative of the Kingdom, he worked to save guard its economic and commercial interests in the negotiations in WTO various councils and committees. During his work in Geneva he was chosen to chair Council for Trade in Services 2013, and Council of Trade-Related Aspect of Intellectual Properties 2015 two of the top three Councils branching from WTO General Council. He also chaired the working group on Trade and Technology 2014. Dr. Alotaibi chaired the Arab Group in WTO for three terms and the Asian Developing Members Group 2014. Dr. Abdolazeez Alotaibi was awarded in 2014 the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Rockefeller College, the State University of New York at Albany, and an Honor by New York State Senate. Dr. Alotaibi joined UPM in May 2017 as Dean of the College of Business Administration with a vision to make it one of the most recognizable schools of business education and research not only in Saudi Arabia but worldwide.

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